Artist: Ghostface Killah
Album: Apollo Kids
Exec. Producer: Dennis Coles, Mike Caruso & Antonio Reid
Label: Def Jam
Release Date: December 21, 2010

Damn right! One year after Ghost put out the best Hip Hop albums of 2009, Ghostdini: Wizard Of Poetry he has done it again. Apollo Kids is different than '09's sleeper hit but still an album of excellence.

There are more collaborations, eight out of twelve of the tracks, but the collaborations are not overwhelming. He works with a few of his Wu members (among others) - GZA, Raekwon, Cappadonna, UGod and Method Man. Those tracks instantly reminds us why Wu-Tang has such a huge following. Each rhyme is classic and have a lot of popular MC’s sounding like amateurs.

The production on the album is stellar, but we should expect nothing less from a talented individual. Ghost uses some of that magic that Wu-Tang had on Enter The 36 Chambers by using tracks with classic samples and original beats that make this album stand out, no cookie cutting here.

Lyrically Ghost and guests keep the listener tuned in, one can listen to the album in its entirety without skipping a track. Yes, you will want to download the entire album. Highlights include "Superstar" f/ Busta Rhymes. "In Tha Park" f/ Black Thought and "Black Tequila" f/ Cappadonna & Trife.

Ghostface Killah is getting better with time and is one of the most underrated MC's today. He is one the few artists keeping true Hip Hop alive. On his last album and this album he has not given into commercial Hip Pop and has proven that with talent great albums can be made.


SonicAmp Rating: 8/10