Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register?
Registration is absolutely free.

What do I get as a registered user?
Along with complete access to the Lyrics and New Music sections of the site you gain access to 1 new album a week as voted on by the users. Registered users also gain points toward prizes and giveaways, receive monthly newsletters, can create playlists, listen to featured albums in a single player, make comments and submit lyrics.

What do I get as a subscriber?
As a subscriber you get all the features of a registered user. Access to our music search, in the New Music section, which allows you to search through our entire library of 14,000+ songs. Access to the 800+ albums in our Albums section along with 5 new albums a week. You also receive an expanded playlist allowing you to hold up to 25 songs.

How much does it cost to subscribe?
One years subscription costs $12.00 (US).

Do I need a Paypal account in order to subscribe?
No. After hitting the [Subcribe] button choose the ''Don't have a PayPal account? Click here'' option. You can than pay for your subscription using a credit card.

Will my subcription be automatically renewed and my credit card charged anually?
No. Your subcription purchase is a one time fee that allows you access to all the features of the site for 1 year. If after your subscription expires you wish to re-subscribe simply do so again.

Why doesn't my playlist update with the new songs I've added?
This problem only occurs when using Internet Explorer. Simply closing and reopening the player window should resolve the problem and load your playlist correctly. Another option is using a different browser such as Firefox or Netscape.

How do I acquire points?
You gain points just by using the site. To keep people from trying to cheat, the exact nature of how you acquire points will not be disclosed.

How come I lost points?
If you make derogatory/negative comments toward other users, make irrelevant/spam posts or comments, make false/incomplete submissions or in any other way abuse the system you will lose points.

How come my point total doesn't change?
You must be logged in to receive points.