Artist: Diddy Dirty Money
Album: Last Train To Paris
Exec. Producer: Harve Pierre & Mario Winans
Label: Bad Boy
Release Date: December 14, 2010

P. Diddy has reincarnated himself once again in the group Diddy Dirty Money, the group’s album Last Train to Paris has finally been released after being pushed back many times. And believe it or not, the album was worth the wait. Diddy has produced an album that set out to be original compared to what is being released these days.

Come aboard this train ride that has many passengers-14 to be exact; 13 out of 16 tracks include collaborations with a few well known names in music today, T.I., Usher, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Although most of the album includes other artists, they are needed to assist Diddy.

feel to them but it works. He stays clear of the same sound we’ve heard over and over again and instead uses different rhythms that would have anyone enjoying the album. His rhyming skills... that’s another story. He has never been the best at flowing and it is evident on this album. Diddy’s flow is jagged and sounds forced which is probably the weakest part of the entire album. However his group mates, Dawn Richards and Kalenna hold their own on tracks “I Hate That You Love Me” and “Hello Good Morning”. Really on the entire album, their chemistry in undeniable.

Production wise the album is tight, Diddy has done an excellent job with the beats, many having a dark Tracks “A** on the Floor” featuring Swizz Beatz, “Your Love” featuring Trey Songz, and “Hello Good Morning” featuring T.I are among the album’s club songs and they do not disappoint. Diddy has brought back a feeling he once gave the listening audience years ago with Biggie, Blige, etc.

Never thought this would be stated but Last Train to Paris is worth picking up. Diddy has stepped up the game with this album. He has stepped out of what is hot and has created what’s hot and others will soon follow. Credit should also be given to the young ladies Dawn and Kalenna, their styles are original and hopefully Diddy won’t make this their last train ride.

Album Highlights: "Looking for Love" featuring Usher, "Loving You No" More featuring Drake and "Angels" featuring Notorious B.I.G. and Rick Ross.


SonicAmp Rating: 8/10