Artist: Sade
Album: Soldier Of Love
Exec. Producer: Sade
Label: Sony
Release Date: February 09, 2010

Not since the 2000 release of Lovers Rock has the soulful group Sade released a studio album. The super group composed of one of the most talented vocalists and team of wonderful musicians has come back stronger than ever with Solider of Love, during a time where senseless lyrics and studio beats are ruling the airwaves .

Solider of Love is filled with tracks that will remind those that are familiar with the group how much Sade was missed. Sade has written powerful lyrics of love, hopelessness and loss that will more than likely go over most people's heads. And master musicians Stuart Matthewman and Andrew Hale have blessed us with melodic rhythms that include piano, guitar, violin, sax and percussion to support the lyrics.

The first single ''Solider of Love'' is heavily played for may reasons. It is refreshing and it is everything that has been missing from radio. It is a great introduction to a younger audience that may not be familiar with Sade's earlier work. The single is also one of two uptempo songs on the album [uptempo for Sade ed.] the second is ''Bring Me Home''. The track "Babyfather" has a slow reggae rhythm and the lyrics pay homage to fathers. ''Be That Easy'' has a gospel feel with an organ played faintly in the background.

The entire album is excellent and there is something to said for taking a hiatus (i.e. Maxwell). Although it has been ten years, the album was worth the wait. Solider of Love has proven that Sade is among the few that are timeless as they continue to produce music that is relevant and will be played for many years to come.


SonicAmp Rating: 9/10