Artist: Ledisi
Album: Turn Me Loose
Exec. Producer:
Release Date: August 18, 2008

If you are not familiar with Ledisi, you are missing out on one of the most talented singers around. The New Orleans native is known for her soulful, silky sound that can be heard on mostly adult R&B stations. But she is just not R&B and she proves that with her latest release "Turnin' Me Loose."

The album is heavily influenced with various genres, rock, jazz and blues. With such a powerful voice she is capable of pulling off singing different styles and this album definitely spotlights her talents. Turn Me Loose is her fourth studio album and each album is increasingly better. Ledisi worked with producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Rapheal Saadiq and Chucky Thompson to achieve a different sound but without loosing her way. She accomplished that as the album is full of electric guitar, live instruments but still that familiar R&B sound.

Turn Me Loose debuted at #14 on Billboard the first week and #1 on Billboard's R&B charts. Not surprising, the first single ''Goin' Thru Changes'' is hot, it is typical Ledisi smooth vocals on a nice melodic tune. Other highlights include ''Higher Than This'' produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, they did a wonderful job complimenting Ledisi's sound. As she states ''When you work with them, the song is custom made to your body and spirit.'' The track will probably be the next single. ''Alone'' and ''Say No'' are a cross betweenJjazz and Blues. ''Please Stay'' and ''Knockin'' are a couple of the rock influenced tracks. Most of the album is full energy, but does not leave out the nice ballads she is best known for.

The album is an enjoyable mix of both old and new music. Ledisi stated she struggled a little before working on this album, trying to determine "Who am I?" After completing the album she realized that she isn't "going to fit into a box and ''it's OK...'' And it really is ok, she is a diamond in the rough and releasing albums such as Turn Me Loose makes her very relevant in today's R&B genre.


SonicAmp Rating: 8/10