Artist:  50 Cent & Sean Paul
Song Title:  Dem Not Ready
Album Title:  The Realest Killaz
Submitted By:  Gemini_20502K


Intro: 50 Cent
Yeah, 50 Cent uh, Sean Paul, ha ha, yo!
G-G-G-G-G G Unit!!!! Red Spider

Verse 1: 50 Cent
They say they ready, but I know for sure they not ready
Go against the grain and for sure you gon' get it
Fo' fifth pop, drop get deaded, flee the crime scene nah mean now foget it
If real rudeboys pop up they don't want credit
If n****s know you did it then police know you did it
Whenever drama come a real soldier don't set it
If it's beef dead it, big money bet it in your brain I'll embed it
Don't f**k with 50 or Sean Paul I got 50 soldiers on call ready to brawl
Gangsta, semi autos to spray at targets, to n****s that done off, we finish the cartridge (Yeah!)

Verse 2: Sean Paul
If yuh check it deep then yuh gonna see nuff a dem a pose like a badman but dem a wannabe
See dem all a floss up inna di club dem a look pon mi, but dem gun empty no artillery yo
Pocket dem nuh get it from dem caan hold di stress
Life get trife when dem a run up inna mess
When tings pop off dem a di first fi get vexed when in dem heart dem know dem caan hold di flex
Check dem fi check it, tek up badness seh dat nuh mek it
Odd dem seh dem a weak heart dun a fi know how fi select it
From mi get it, life is a gift nuh badda wreck it 50 Cent him a tell dem fi check it

Verse 3: 50 Cent
Let's get money, n****s like my style I'm chipped up
Still I won't hesistate to shoot your whip up
Gully I got guns, chromes in black ones, snub blows it's own cuz you might wanna pack one
With all the bulls**t goin on in the hood, you need to be holdin somethin s**t is on in the hood
Get your a** beat up stabbed up and shot up
N****s will tear your f**kin block up, over some product