Artist:  Field Mob ft. YB
Song Title:  Sick of Being Lonely
Album Title:  From Tha Roota To Tha Toota
Submitted By:  DayShaDaKari


Sick of being lonely
Every night while my man
Goes out with his homies
I wanna know how it feels to be loved
Be loved

Any other night
You'd be at home waiting on me(what's goin on)
Any other night
You'd be acting like a bug-a-boo(what's goin on)
Any other night
You'd be callin me, stalkin me (what's goin on)
Any other night
I could garuntee a page from you(what's goin on)

Hmmm, but tonight seems different
Man it's about suspision an i'm so confused
Cause I aint even did s**t
My wife ain't hit me on my pager or cell
And when i call her, i keep getting the damn voicemail
What's goin on? Yeah i know I'm wrong for goin and coming home
At five-O in the morning
Hopin you're home alone (Like Caulkin)
But I picked the wrong time

Chorus 2x

I'm so sick of being lon-
Ha don't finish your statement
You alone? Call me
I'll be your replacement
Put me in the game coach
You should let that lame go
Let me lick on yo neck an go down to your ankles
Cause ain't no more better freakin your feather
From the field to creep with
When your guys a dummy
Honey, you lookin good
And more gooder than a plate of neck bones
Tenderized an yummy
The energizer bunny,can't compete with me
Cause i be goin an goin,
Growin, put more motion in your ocean
From night to mornin
Hit it huffin an puffin
breath stinkin an yawnin
Somethin so pretty as you at home alone
That's unbelieveable like when the cow jumped over the moon
Now i'd never put nothin before you
Thats like eatin cereal, an pickin a fork over a spoon

Chorus till end (4x)