Artist:  Baby Cham
Song Title:  Whaddat Fah
Album Title:  Whaddat Fah
Submitted By:  Gemini_20502K


Jah know star from deh they a love how di place a run
Yuh know Selassie yuh know, nu haffi time (Eh eh) nuh fun (Nuh sir)
Nuh niceness (Eh eh) bear gun (I tell ya) wah gwaan (I nuh know)
What's up (I nuh know) how di place a run so? (What)
Di odda day di place a run so nice
All of a sudden a bear shoot up shoot up eh?

Verse 1:
Whaddat fah? Machine rise and man jump out pon di base
Whaddat fah? Likkle bwoy adjust dem gun dem embrace
Whaddat fah? Man a have a battyman inna dem place
But quick fi shot a next thug yute inna him face
Whaddat fah? DJ a call mi name and dem a chase
Whaddat fah? Yuh nah fi slanda mi name fi run di place
Whaddat fah? Look at dem took time dem a waste
Cau mi nah get caught up inna dem rat race
Whaddat fah? Gal belly bang over di pants waist
Whaddat fah? And nuh (pssst) like man nah nuh taste
Whaddat fah? Show off yuh war and a travel wid mace
It's a gun yuh fi get in har bombaclaat face
Whaddat fah? Mi hear seh Mikey dun a fight over Grace
Whaddat fah? Man a check dem man fi deal wid dem case
Whaddat fah? It get wicked cau man a get chased
And a nuff more gal deh a road fi get laced whaddat fah?

Goin for this money yeah it's all about the game
Hustlin and jugglin to me it's all the same
Got my eyes on the prize so I got to stake my claim
Pon some informa bwoy just to call up man name

Verse 2:
Whaddat fah? Certain man don't love see yute when dem a try
Whaddat fah? Certain man nuh waan gi ghetto yute a bligh
Whaddat fah? Certain tings a fi go stop mi nah lie
A certain man a gwaan like a dem waan fi fly
Whaddat fah? Mi hear seh dem siddung a which man fi die
Whaddat fah? From a day yuh caan look inna mi eye
Whaddat fah? See God dem mi nah trust nuh guy
Becau same way dem tell lie pon Frankie Sly
Whaddat fah? Karyn a mogle and she straight like apply
Whaddat fah? See man a club and come a beg man Kani
Whaddat fah? When she see seh time come fi she die
She dun know what's up and come a gwaan like she shy
Whaddat fah? Some man a hype and fire shot inna di sky
Whaddat fah? Get bite and then dem go court fi cry
Whaddat fah? In deh a prison now a date anotha guy
And anotha man a road them wid dem bonafide

We're on a mission, ya heard, it's all about the game
Politician, who piss on, we nah loook nuh fame
A just division and decision yet we know fi use yuh brain
But some informa bwoy just go call up man name

Repeat Verse 1 & Chorus till end