Artist:  Algebra
Song Title:  Now And Then
Album Title:  Purpose
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Let’s give this thing called singing a try
Verse 1
Not gonna change now (not gonna change, not gonna change), not gonna turn back now ( no I won’t turn back now) Of if I stop I’d probably die, so I gotta keep it movin now
Cuz now the struggle is different from before
And now the pain I feel it hurts me even more, and now,
Now, Love’s better than then

Love now and Love then (Repeat 4x)

Verse 2
Im not gonna live in fear (oooo,oooo), cuz I know my time is drawing near
I thought of giving up but what good would that do, when I know
Somebody needs to hear me and that someone could very well be you
Oh back then, I blame myself for love running away, back then I found that
God was only making space, back then, back then I felt love like

Love now and Love then (Repeat 4x)

Im not gonna live in Fear!!!