Artist:  TLC
Song Title:  I'm Good at Being Bad
Album Title:  FanMail
Submitted By:  Jovon


Sunny days
Birds singing sweet sounding songs of love
As we walk hand in hand
Just kicking up sand
As the ocean lands at our feet
I'm in your arms and all of your charms are for me

Check it
I need a crunk, tight n****
Make 7 figas
Laced with the platinum not the silver s**t n****
X tilt sigga 10 inch or bigger
Knows how to lick and stick it what what
(Lick it from the back type n****)
Now don't get me wrong cuz I'm not a ho
But I know what I got you can handle tho
Cuz only real n****s what
You don't know
So what you gon do what you gon do

N**** you must be crazy
what you gon do with a b**** like me
I'm so good at being bad
I'm the best you never had
I pentalize the word sexy
N**** you must be crazy
what you gon do with a b**** like me
Man my uh so tight
Make you cum all night
And you can't handle me

Sorry I turned you out
Cuz I didn't know that a man could me so soft
Well I guess I have to give
You back the flowers,the candy, the diamonds
(naw you better keep them)
Hope that you don't mind
I'm not the mushy kind

Repeat Hook and Chorus

When I'm all alone
I touch myself
And I always dream about
Someone else
I want so much more than
A good man is so hard to find
(Actually a hard man is good to find)

I understand you want a tour of what's inside
Read my safety guide before I take you on this ride
Strengthen to the sension
You enter my dimension
No question there's protection
Selected in my session
I'm on a quest
I will not rest until I break ya
Let's make it
I'll take you with the batteries
And bake ya
Cuz I gotta get mine
And you gotta get yours
But never end it
by sending you out of shaky doors
You must be crazy to think
that you can hang with me
I tried to escape your imprisonment
of those you framed for me
Your impenemy of your every dream is seen
For intangible fantasies
You know what I mean

Repeat Chorus till end