Artist:  Kelly Price f/ R.Kelly & Mr.Biggs
Song Title:  Friend Of Mine (remix)
Album Title:  Soul Of A Woman
Submitted By:  reba


Mr. Bigg:
Hello Kelly you there
Now listen baby I got your message
I'm just confussed
I don't understand everything
But I'm on my way over there to you
Now you stay on the phone and tell me
everything that went down

verse 1:
See I was the 1 who picked her up
when so friends let her down.
And I was the one who took her in when that fool put her out.
yeah.True friend indded you see I was
there when chips was going down. Um but
She betrayed me caught him with her coming
from out of town . Tell me

why yah yah why yah yah
why yah yah why I outta
I wanna know

verse 2:
Now I put my trust in him
can't believe he slept with her behind my back
I went went out on a limb
I even covered up to keep his thing in tact. Um
What he had in me ,Yeah....
Was something real that's so hard to come about .Uh

But he betrayed me
There was a photo in some laundry that i found .

Why yah yah , why yah yah
Why yah yah, Why I outta

I put all my trust in you baby
Why yah yah , why yah yah
why yah yah, why I outta

She was my best friend
Hung with her through thick
and thin
(my hommie) sister to the very end
I-I can't believe , can't believe it.
He was everythingto me

Now out the door he is history
We could have been everything
And I-I cant believe it can't belive it


Can't believe I trusted him
just call him up
no i dont want to i dont want to
Call him rite now
Im callin im callin

Ring Ring

Who is this
This is Mr.Biggs
how you doin Mr.Biggs
what the H** is goin on
what do you mean, whats going on?
Kellys tellin me that your sleeping with another woman
Just because she sees me with her doesn't mean I'm sleepin with her
Well if you not sleeping with her h** you doin with her
D**m,I could be just talkin to her
Or you could just be creepin with her,Now look Son man to man, we both know the game
Never was that kinda....
Wait a minute. You know all..... Heartache and pain.
This is my my god daughter and I'm just tryin to protect her heart.
You may have been a moon to her but to me she's a star.

Kelly takes the phone