Artist:  Betty Wright
Song Title:  No Pain No Gain
Album Title:  Sexy Soul
Submitted By:  DABADIESTB


My baby and I are back together again
The lovin is better than its ever been
If it weren't for the trials we been through
I'd never have the courage to come back to you
We're all entitled to make a mistake
We got to prepare for some heartbreak.
I was earnin my man while I was learnin my man
Something you young girls might not understand

No pain (No pain ) No pain (no pain ) No gain no (X2)

There was an old lady sitting under the tree
She called me over and she said to me
My days left here may not be long
I wouldn't waste my time telling you nothing wrong
But love is a flower that needs the sun and the rain
A little bit of pleasure is worth a whole lot of pain
If you learn this secret how to forgive
A longer and a better life you'll live

Chorus (X2)

Anything worth having at all is worth working for and waiting for. Some of my closest friends have thought they had they thing on a string. Just cause their man was bringing them flowers and candy and all kinds of gifts um um honey some gifts are just to make them feel better while he's on his guilt trip about the night before [you know what I mean] expecially when you know you have not been doin the things you should do. Think about it what is a man trying to tell you some times flowers mean maybe we should just be friends do you get my drift hang if you can hang no pain no gain.

In order to get something you got to give something
In order to be something you got to go through something
Be a cook in the kitchen a lady in the streets
You cant show your teeth to every guy you meet.
Its alright to be a little sweet
But be a momma with the kids and ''you know what'' in the sheets

Chorus (X2)

See you cant give up cause times get hard
Its just that old devil trying to keep us apart
Say devil you aint got nothing here
I'm goin to my man and have no fear

Chorus (X2)