Artist:  I Wayne
Song Title:  Can't Satisfy Her (Prelude)
Album Title:  Lava Ground
Submitted By:  Gemini_20502K


Verse 1:
Some love di prostitution wuk
Night and day pon roadside dem hitch up
Bout five bills a bruk and two bills clean up
More time than sell a hundred what
LAVA!!! Don'tworry yuh head get cut off
Nuh tell di yute fi suck out nah suck off
And if yuh don't waan di lightnin strike yuh
Likkle girl nah tell nuh one fi come bite yuh
Nuh promote nuh suck out, stop it
Nuh tell di likkle kids dem bruk out (?) topic
LAVA!!!! Light it up!!!!
Nuff a talk bout seh vagina fah sale
Some bwoy a ask how much a pound......LAVA!!!!!!!!
Fi money man.......shhh!
Fi money man a use dem like pale
Tell dem stop it, I hear dem a frown
I Wayne!!!! Mi bun prostitution nuh lie
Pum pum dem a sell rasta nah buy
Oonu soon get disease and die
Well out fail out and dry
Yeah! Nuff a talk bout suck out, stop it
Light it up!!! LAVA!!!!!!!!